Eric Holder Issues SHOCKING Statements About Mueller’s Probe & Puts Trump On Notice

President Obama’s Former Attorney General Eric Holder remarked today on special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into whether Trump committed obstruction of justice by firing FBI Director Comey.

Holder said he believes special counsel Mueller legally could prosecute President Donald Trump on obstruction of justice charges, but that the special counsel would need to build a strong case.

Not only that, but Holder actually said that Mueller could charge Trump right now. “Is there a technical case there now?” Holder said after a Christian Science Monitor breakfast Wednesday, “I think so. Now.”

“There are a variety of things that I can think of, technically” that could be used against Trump in an obstruction case, Holder said, before adding of Mueller’s team; “Now, who knows what else they’ve got.”

Holder, who ran the Justice Department under President Barack Obama and was deputy attorney general under President Bill Clinton, had initially seemed hesitant to weigh in on whether Mueller could bring an obstruction case.

Holder emphasized that Mueller is taking his time because he is going after a sitting president. “If you’re a prosecutor, you make sure that you are building the best case. Not a technical case, but the best case, you know, that you can,” said Holder, “You know, the Comey firing. The outreaches to Coats and the other intel guys.”

Holder has refused to rule out the possibility that he would run for president in 2020, and said he will decide before the end of the year if there is to be “another chapter” in his political life.

“We’ll see,” Holder said when a reporter asked him about a possible run for president, “I think I’ll make a decision by the end of the year about whether there is another chapter in my government service.”


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