Eric Trump Praises Dad For Hurricane Florence Response, But There’s An OBVIOUS Problem

Arguably Donald Trump’s least intelligent son, Eric Trump, made an appearance on Fox and Friends this morning, where he discussed impending disaster Hurricane Florence and Democrats.

Both Eric and the hosts of Fox and Friends heaped praise upon Donald Trump for his handling of Hurricane Florence, even though the storm is still nearly 48 hours away from making landfall in the Carolinas. Trump hasn’t done anything but hold an embarrassing press conference in the Oval Office yesterday and there is no reason to be offering him praise.

“Honestly, the government has done an unbelievable job, they were on this days and days and days ago, I mean, it’s been a 24 hour, and I’ve seen it personally, job for them, and it’s all they’ve been talking about. They’re as prepared as you could possibly be.” Eric Trump said, as seen in the following clip.

One of the Fox and Friends hosts followed up on Eric Trump’s praise by saying, “Your dad had the press conference yesterday in the Oval Office, I was watching that. So he’s definitely doing a good job.” She must not have watched the Oval Office press conference, because in it Trump said that Hurricane Florence is, “tremendously big and tremendously wet. Tremendous amounts of water.”


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