Even A 5 Year Old Knows There’s Something Wrong With Trump

President Donald Trump’s presidency is going so poorly that even a five-year-old named Taylor recognizes that we’d have been better off keeping Obama around. In a hilarious serious of clips, Taylor asks some real questions that are getting a lot of views.

“So, why did he go? Where did he go? So, why do we have the president we have now at the same spot [Obama] was and why did he leave it anyway? But, how come Hillary didn?t get to be the president and why is she the loser? And what are they even supposed to be winning?” asks Taylor in the clips. You can see the full clips below! Make sure you see the start of clip 3, it’s hilarious!

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A post shared by tabgeezy (@tabgeezy) on

Be sure to check out her mom’s Instagram, she looks like she’s an awesome mom!


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