Everyone Missed Fact that Trump Mocked First Lady of India and Her Handshake Just Before Leaving

Donald Trump arrived back in the United States from India this morning and overall, he managed to avoid the usual diplomatic controversies he gets into. Or did he? We took a second look at the footage of Trump’s visit because him getting through his trip without insulting foreign figures and diplomats would have been an achievement. But our suspicions unfortunately ended up being justified, because we found 100% irrefutable footage of Trump mocking the First Lady of India.

You have not seen this footage because it was fairly hard to find. This footage has not been reported on, until now, because the mocking occurred in a piece of footage from Doordarshan (DD), which is a public broadcast service funded by India’s government. Trump was on his best behavior during this banquet and his trip to India in general, so perhaps no one wanted to watch the hours of footage. But we did.

What happened: While shaking everyone’s hand and saying goodbye to India, Trump had a problem with the way First Lady Savita Kovind, wife of India’s President Ram Nath Kovind, shook his hand. Right before getting into the presidential limo, Donald Trump took a moment to mock Savita’s handshake. He pointed right at her and made a stupid looking face while doing a mocking handshake gesture.

All of this is captured in the footage below, that you are about to see. The worst part about this, is that the President of India, in response to the mocking, then stopped Trump from getting into the limo and made his wife give him another handshake. She did seem to be laughing at the joke, but as we will explore after the footage, this needs to be put into the context of India’s culture.

India was unfortunately named as one of the most dangerous countries in the world for women in 2018, by Thomson Reuters Foundation. Trump may have thought he was being funny, but think about it, India’s President took it seriously enough for him to make First Lady Savita Kovind go give Trump another handshake. When you think about, the level of disrespect and patriarchy on display here is disturbing.

Maybe she did just think it was funny. Or maybe she was laughing awkwardly because she was being led and forced by her husband to shake the hand of Donald Trump again, of all people. It’s hard to tell, but it looks like Trump may have been mocking her for giving him a weak handshake. Maybe she gave him a weak handshake because she didn’t really want to be shaking his hand. This part is up to your own interpretation.

But the undeniable fact here is that Donald Trump mocked the First Lady of India. There is no other explanation. It would have been nice if this footage came with audio of what they were saying, but we have been unable to find any footage without commentary. Regardless, you can add this to the mound of evidence that Trump does not respect women. Feel free to spread this around because our title at the time of writing this is 100% accurate, everyone missed this and people need to be informed.


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