Everyone Missed Speaker Pelosi’s Response to Trump’s Iran Briefing That Even Upset GOP

Last night, GOP Senators were so disturbed by the Trump administration’s briefing on the “intelligence” and “reasons” behind Donald Trump’s decision to take out Iran’s top military general, that they immediately announced their support for Democrats’ war powers resolution to limit Trump’s power.

House Majority Speaker Nancy Pelosi is a professional and did not directly comment on the briefing and pointed out that it was a classified meeting. But she did react to and comment on other people’s reaction to the briefing, which is essentially all the response we needed. Her reaction was quite funny, as you will now see.

“Can we ask you about the Iran briefing?” Speaker Pelosi was asked, to which she answered, “Well we can’t talk about it, it’s a classified meeting.” The reporters, working hard to get something out of Speaker Pelosi, pointed out to her that, “Some people are calling it, ‘the worst briefing they’ve ever gotten’.”

Speaker Pelosi responded and said, “Well, there?s stiff competition for that honor from this administration.” You have to love her sense of humor. You can see it all in the footage below.

Speaker Pelosi didn’t need to say much because GOP Senators who attended to meeting revealed that the briefing provided no intelligence justifying Trump’s strike and instead they were threatened not to critique the Trump admin’s actions. Mike Pence responded to GOP Senator Mike Lee calling the briefing “insulting and demeaning” and calling it, “probably the worst briefing, at least on a military issue, I’ve seen in nine years I’ve been here.”

Pence said that we simply need to trust the Trump admin and that they can’t give us any actual intel or reasons Trump called the strike. Faux news asked Pence this morning, “Why not in a classified setting, can our briefers from this administration share what it was, this threat that you talk about, in a classified setting?” Pence answered and said, “Some of that has to do with what’s called sources and methods. If we would share all the evidence…it could compromise those sources and methods. I can assure your viewers…that President Trump made the right decision.”



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