Everything Says Trump Can’t Fire Mueller, But Sarah Sanders Confirms He Disagrees

A Quinnipiac University poll that was conducted from April 6th to the 9th, found that 69 percent of voters oppose Trump firing Mueller and a mere 13 percent of crazies support Trump firing Mueller. Despite this, and the fact that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein personally signed off on the warrant authorizing the FBI’s seizure of Trump’s lawyer’s documents, Trump still seems to not only think he should fire Mueller, but that he can, confirmed by White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders in the footage below.

President Trump is boxed in but is still choosing to fight his way out, probably because he has nothing to lose at this point. He believes he has the power to fire Robert Mueller as special counsel leading the Russia probe, confirmed by the White House this afternoon. “He certainly believes that he has the power to do so,” White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said in the footage below. Trump also thinks the probe has “has gone too far.”

Many legal experts say that Trump can’t fire Mueller and he would need to fire Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to do it. But if he does, it will set this country ablaze in fury as people take to the streets and refuse to tolerate such blatant obstruction of justice.


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