Explosive Device Maker Confirmed To Be Registered Republican & Trump Supporter

The male suspect in his 50s that was arrested in Florida this morning in connection with the explosive packages mailed to prominent Democrat leaders this week has been confirmed to be named Cesar Sayoc.

Public records show that suspect Cesar Sayoc is a registered Republican with an extensive criminal history who appears to have owned a dry cleaning business and a catering business. Officials have said that DNA evidence played a role in his arrest, so it seems like this is definitely the main guy.

Authorities were seen towing away the van in the pictures below. This van is officially a piece of evidence in the investigation and provides concrete evidence, along with the fact that Sayoc is a registered Republican, that he was a devout Trump supporter.

Director of Public Affairs at the Department of Justice Sarah Isgur Flores stated that the FBI will give a report about the investigation at 2:30 P.M. eastern today. “We can confirm one person is in custody. We will hold a press conference at the Department of Justice at 2:30pm ET.”


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