Famous Music Producer Reveals Ivanka Trump Likes To Sleep With Much Older Men

I have to say that this one is pretty shocking, but unfortunately relevant based off what the public has been told and seen about Donald Trump and his relationship with his daughter Ivanka.

In a wild interview with Vulture, music producer Quincy Jones claimed that he “used to date” Ivanka Trump, who he called “a fine mother****er” who “had the most beautiful legs I ever saw in my life.”

Jones, now 84, states that he dated Ivanka about 12 years ago, and that fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger told him that Ivanka wanted “to have dinner” with him and he took her up on the offer.

Quincy Jones also added that although he dated Ivanka, she had the, “Wrong father, though.” He described President Trump as a “crazy mother****er” who is “limited mentally—a megalomaniac, narcissistic.”

We’ve all heard about possible incest between Donald and Ivanka, as he had stated he would date her if she wasn’t his daughter. We’ve also seen all the strange photos of them together when she was younger. It wouldn’t be that big of a shock for Jones’ claims to be true.

Do you think Quincy Jones is telling the truth?


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