FBI Director Wray Just Gave Trump & GOP Worst Possible News About Nunes’ Secret Memo

Current FBI Director Christopher Wray has informed the White House and Trump that he opposes the release of the controversial and classified GOP “Nunes” memo.

Director Wray opposes the memo because it contains inaccurate information and paints a false narrative, according to a person familiar with the matter. So in other words, Wray is saying that everything the GOP has been saying about this memo is fake news.

The Nunes memo has been highly politicized and right after his State of the Union address, Trump even talked about it with Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC) and said that he himself wants the memo released.

Republicans in the House voted to release the memo Monday night because they are claiming that FBI officials didn’t provide all the relevant facts in requests made to a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act court to obtain a warrant or warrants on Carter Page.

Too bad that it looks like Democrats were right, who said the memo gave an inaccurate portrayal of appropriate actions undertaken by law enforcement. FBI Director Wray delivering news that the memo contains inaccurate information and paints a false narrative, is the worst possible news the GOP and Trump could have received about it.


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