Flake’s Reaction To FBI Report Being Misinterpreted? Sources Say Flake STILL Undecided

There is a strong possibility that the media has gravely misinterpreted GOP Senator Jeff Flake’s comments this morning, after he reviewed the FBI’s report on it’s investigation into allegations against Kavanaugh. People with “direct” knowledge report that Flake is still have issues with whether he will vote yes or no.

“I’m told by source with direct knowledge that Flake is “still having issues” and that some colleagues are trying to “walk him through them.” Sen Coons tells me just now that Flake reached out to him and asked if they could speak at length later,” Elaina Plott, a writer for The Atlantic reported this afternoon.

We have to revisit Flake’s comments from this morning more carefully, as I think they were misinterpreted. After reviewing the FBI’s report, Flake said, “I think Susan Collins was quoted saying it was very thorough but no new corroborative information came out of it. That’s accurate.

Folks heard this and interpreted it to mean that Flake will vote yes. But literally all he is saying, is that he thinks the report offered no new “corroborative information.” But that’s all he is saying. I think he added the “That’s accurate” clarification at the end of his statement, to make it clear that all he can say is that the investigation hasn’t offered new information. Flake was unsure before the FBI’s report, and all he is saying is that he got no new information from this report.

We have to look at the totality of the evidence here. Flake has not given us anything new after reviewing the FBI’s report, and Elaina Plott is confirming that he still has “issues” with the matter of Kavanaugh’s confirmation. Why would he still have issues? The only explanation is that he knows the investigation was not thorough enough.

Take into account what Flake has been saying this past Tuesday about Kavanaugh’s testimony, “The interaction with the members was sharp and partisan. And that concerns me. And I tell myself you give a little leeway because of what he’s been through.” Flake said, “On the other hand, we can’t have this on the court. We simply can’t.” You can see his comments in the footage below, which I encourage you to examine for yourself, because it offers a great window into how he is probably going to vote.

There is a lot of incentive for Flake to vote no on Kavanaugh, as outlined below, “If Flake votes yes, protesters accuse him of supporting rape for the rest of his life. If he votes no, he gets the JFK Profile in Courage Award, the teaching gig at Harvard, the MSNBC gig and the big book deal “Flake, Not Flaky: Conscience and Justice in Trump’s America””


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