Former Belgian Prime Minister Explains What Trump Was Looking At In Bizarre Photo From NATO Summit

Guy Verhofstadt, who served as the 47th Prime Minister of Belgium from 1999 to 2008, well within recent memory, joined in on the fun of mocking Donald Trump for a truly remarkable photo taken of all the leaders visiting the NATO summit this week. If you happen to have not seen the photo yet, you can see it below.

Belgian PM Verhofstadt added to the discussion and said that Trump was looking at the Trump baby blimp that will fly over Parliament in the UK when he visits tomorrow, “So this is what Trump was looking for. Mystery solved!”

In all seriousness, this mocking of Trump by a Prime Minister of very recent memory, is a stunning rebuke of Trump’s “style” of diplomacy and shows that the United States’ relationship with Europe is at its weakest point in some time.

Trump is in Belgium for the NATO summit until Thursday, when he will travel to the United Kingdom for a few days to meet with British officials.


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