Former Trump ‘Attorney’ Michael Cohen’s New Lawyer Just Aggressively Called Out Trump & Giuliani

Former White House Special Counsel Lanny Davis is now representing Donald Trump’s former longtime personal attorney Michael Cohen. Davis had strong words early this morning for both Trump and Trump’s newest lawyer, Rudy Giuliani.

“Did @rudygiuliani really say on Sunday shows that @michaelcohen212 should cooperate with prosecutors and tell the truth? Seriously? Is that Trump and Giuliani definition of “truth”? Trump/Giuliani next to the word “truth” = oxymoron. Stay tuned. #thetruthmatters” Davis posted very early today.

This is without a doubt, huge. Cohen has now gone from saying he will always to protect Trump, to his lawyer literally calling Trump a liar. Davis called Trump and Giuliani liars by saying that putting the word ‘truth’ next to them is an oxymoron, which literally means the words ‘Trump’ and ‘truth’ should never go together.

Davis was essentially replying to Giuliani’s appearance on ABC’s This Week With George Stephanopoulos, in which he said “Michael Cohen should cooperate with the government.” Giuliani was asked whether he had “concerns” about what Cohen could tell investigators, to which he answered, “Zero. None. As long as he tells the truth, we’re home free.”

This also all follows Cohen practically begging Mueller for a deal last week. It is clear that Cohen and Trump are no longer on the same team and we should expect to see more attacks from Cohen’s team soon. Who knows what kind of secrets they are going to spill about Trump in order ti save Cohen.


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