Former Vice President Joe Biden Weirdly Admits That He Really Likes First Lady Melania Trump

It’s no secret that former Vice President Joe Biden is considering running for President in 2020, as it keeps coming up in all of his recent interviews. As a result, Democrats should start seriously considering if they would vote for him. Interestingly enough, during an interview with NBC news this morning, Biden started saying good things about President Trump and revealed that he likes Melania Trump a lot.

Biden’s comments were somewhat backhanded, but he said that President Trump is doing things well and he mainly has an issue with Trump’s “tone.” “I think there’s a number of things he’s doing well. But even the things he’s doing well, it’s how he does them,” Biden said on NBC’s “Today.”, “It’s more the tone of this administration that bothers me.”

Biden was then pressed to specifically name what President Trump has done well, to which Biden answered, “Well, I think he married very well.” This could certainly be interpreted as a joke, but he certainly meant that he likes Melania Trump a lot, which is why he said Trump married “very well.” However, the exact reasons he likes the First Lady are unclear.

What do you folks think about Biden offering praise to President Trump and Melania Trump specifically? Implying that Donald made a good choice in marrying Melania, someone with what many consider to be a questionable past, seems like a risky political move for someone who wants to challenge Trump in 2020.


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