Fox News Host Tries To Shut Trump Up & But He Talked Over Her For 6 Straight Minutes

An awkward situation began during an interview Donald Trump had with Fox News anchor Maria Bartiromo, after Bartiromo started trying to end the interview and shut Trump up. Maybe Fox learned their lesson about giving interviews to the narcissist in chief from this, but who knows.

Trump’s interview with Baritromo lasted 18 minutes but it seems like it was only supposed to go for about 10. Around the 12th minute into the interview, Baritromo tried to end it and said, “Mr. President, I know you have to run,” a polite way of ending any conservation, but it did not work.

At the 14th minute, she tried again, “Mr. President, I know you have to go,” but Trump kept on rambling like the mad man he is. In the 15th, 16th, and 17th minutes, Baritromo kept trying the impossible and slipped in some attempts to end the interview, but Trump kept talking over her, “Before you go real quick,” and “I know you have to run.” You can see the end of the interview below, but be advised, its very awkward and hard to watch.


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