Fox News Panics & Cuts Away From GOP Senator Who Reveals Truth About Trump’s Briefing on Iran

We have not received a solid and legitimate answer from the Trump administration over Donald Trump’s reckless order to take out Iran’s top general. The Senate received a briefing that started late this afternoon to give lawmakers an answer to why Trump carried out the strike, but their first impressions are devastating to the Trump admin’s message so far.

The briefing was so bad that even the GOP Senators that attended are unhappy. Anonymous reports from inside the Trump administration have said that the option to take out Iran’s general was given to the president as an extreme option designed to make the options they wanted him to take look more reasonable. That’s why they haven’t given us a good reason as to why Trump ordered the strike.

GOP Senator Mike Lee of Utah and GOP Senator Rand Paul both came out of the briefing upset and complaining. GOP Lee called it “probably the worst briefing, at least on a military issue, I’ve seen in nine years I’ve been here.” GOP Senator Rand Paul backed him up and said, “Today, this is Sen. Lee and I saying we are not abdicating our duty.”

GOP Lee said he went into the briefing “undecided” on whether he was going to support Democratic Senator Tim Kaine’s war powers resolution to limit Trump, but now he’s saying, “I’m now going to support it.”

“I find it insulting; I find it demeaning” to the Senate and the Constitution, GOP Lee continued. “It’s un-American, it’s unconstitutional, and it’s wrong.” Fox News at this point panicked and had to cut away from their own Senator’s remarks! “We’ll continue to monitor this,” one of Fox News hosts said (don’t know the name, who cares?), as they cut off GOP Lee’s voice. You can see it all in the footage below.

Although it’s funny that Fox News had to cut off a GOP Senator, because he was absolutely destroying the Trump administration’s narrative, it’s still disturbing why he was upset. What Trump did was so bad, that a GOP Senator came out of a briefing on the strike, and immediately announced support for Democrat’s resolution to limit Trump’s power. That is extremely worrying because it’s as bad as we thought.


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