What The FU*K?! LYNCHINGS Are Back? Black Teen Found Hung in Washington

An 18 year old black Muslim teenager was found hanging from a tree in Lake Stevens,? in Washington state. The Snohomish County medical examiner originally called it a suicide, but now has changed the cause of death to “undetermined.” They are saying “undetermined” because there apparently isn’t enough evidence, but we think there is.

An “undetermined” cause of death means that there is “little available information about the circumstances surrounding [the death] or where known information equally supports, or conflicts with, more than one manner or death,” according to the Snohomish medical examiner’s website.

But let’s look at the facts and you tell me that this was anything other than a lynching. The boy, Ben M. Keita, was found on Jan. 9 in a wooded area in Lake Stevens near a housing development after being reported missing on Nov.26. His family says he never had a problem with depression or anything else like that.

According to Washington CAIR, Keita was found hanging from a rope tied 50 feet high in a tree. 50 feet. 50. You’re telling me this young man managed to hang himself 50 feet up in a tree? Get the fu*k out of here. The medical examiner apparently changed the cause of death due to these two factors; Keita’s body was found within 12 feet of a home and it was found by a group of teens who were just passing through the area. So Keita climbed 50 feet into a tree, 12 feet from someone’s home, and hung himself, and no one could find his body for weeks after he went missing? Important to note, it was a group of teens that found the body, not the owner of the home 12 feet from where he was hanging.

“There were searches [for Keita] done on Nov. 30 and Dec. 1, and at least one with a K9. There was a helicopter search on Dec. 7,” Local News said. “Ether the searches were missing something or the body was missing.”

The sad part is that we are only hearing about this now because the medical examiner just posted the change on the cause of death on Tuesday. The FBI may review the case, according to local news, saying in a statement, “We are aware of circumstances of the individual?s death and will review them with consideration of federal law. If warranted, we may conduct further investigation. A review does not necessarily result in the opening of an investigation.?

Local news quoted Seattle Plymouth Congregational Church Rev. Kele Brown saying that, historically, lynchings have been written off as suicide. ?We are careful not to rush to judgment. Historically lynchings were often deemed quickly as suicide without the benefit of thorough inquiry,” Brown said.

This is just going to continue because Trump is completely silent on the growing number of White Supremacist Groups and activity in the U.S.




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