German Chancellor Angela Merkel Exposes Trump’s Lies About Syria & Ruins His April Pullout

Donald Trump announced?that the Islamic State (ISIS) has been defeated in Syria during a State Department meeting on Wednesday, during which he revealed his plan to fully withdraw U.S. military forces from Syria by the end of April. With so much happening in Washington these past weeks with the government shutdown, we nearly lost track of Trump’s disastrous choice to leave Syria, but?German chancellor Angela Merkel has put it back into the spotlight.

Angela Merkel completely contradicted Trump this morning and revealed the truth, which is that the?Islamic State has not “disappeared” in Syria.? Speaking at the inauguration of the Berlin headquarters of Germany?s foreign intelligence agency BND, Merkel said that while ISIS has “luckily been driven out of its territory,” the group has not entirely “disappeared” from Syria.

This is significant because Trump has been trying to make the “defeat” of ISIS a cornerstone of his “accomplishments” while being in the Oval Office. You know ISIS has not been defeated simply from the fact that you only ever hear Trump saying such a thing. The world wants ISIS defeated and once it is, everyone will celebrate it’s defeat together, so the lack of support for Trump’s claims of its defeat prove he is lying.

Merkel said that ISIS “is transforming into an asymmetrical warfare force. And this, of course, is a threat. We remain a long way from peace in Syria.” Trump’s pullout from Syria goes against the advice of all our allies and his own intelligence officials. Trump claims to be fighting a war against ISIS, but he’s really fighting a war against his own team and information.


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