German Chancellor Angela Merkel Makes Trump Pay For Lashing Out Over Weekend With Harsh Words

Trump has succeeded in angering and frustrating some of the United States’ closest allies, after he abruptly decided to back out of an agreed upon G7 communiqué over Twitter early Sunday. German Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed her frustration in having to deal with Trump in a lengthy interview that was released this morning, in which she had some harsh words for Donald.

Angela Merkel said she found Trump and his actions, “sobering and a bit depressing,” and called for more civility in international exchanges. “The situation isn’t very nice. I don’t think that ratcheting up the rhetoric is going to improve things.”

Merkel’s words directly indicate that Trump’s lashing out did nothing to help his cause of trying to “negotiate” trade with Europe. Merkel added that, “We don’t let ourselves be taken advantage of again and again.” Working with other nations requires compromise and diplomacy is totally different from business negotiations.

Trump is used to bullying around small construction contractors who aren’t in a position to say no to a paying job. Entire Europeans nations can’t be bullied around in the same manner, which is probably why Trump lashed out the way he did over the weekend. He is frustrated that he is unable to get his way, which is making him impossible to work with for our allies, like Germany.

She also essentially called Trump ignorant in the art of negotiation by saying, “Sometimes I get the impression that the U.S. president believes that only one side wins and the other loses,” adding that she believes in “win-win” situations. Her statement there is more evidence of Trump being used to bullying tactics. Real negotiation involves give and take, something Trump clearly has no experience with.

Merkel concluded the interview by making it clear that although Germany is committed to working with the U.S., they can no longer trust us thanks to Trump. “There are good reasons on our side to continue to fight for it but we can’t count on it anymore,” she said. The interview is below, but it is in German, so you will have to activate English closed captions if you would like to watch.


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