GOP Actually and Finally Start Turning on Trump; Powell, Bush, Jump Ship to Team Biden

We have all heard for years now about how the GOP was finally going to ditch Donald Trump and stop supporting him, but up until today, it’s been mostly all talk. On Sunday however, we got a new revelation about former President George W Bush and even members of his administration and what their plans are for 2020.

Some of those, “people familiar with his thinking” allegedly told the Times that former President Bush will not be endorsing Donald Trump for re-election. We always have to be cautious when it comes to these anonymous sources, but later in the morning, after we learned about Bush, one of his top former administration officials came out and fully endorsed former Vice President Joe Biden for President.

Former Secretary of State under the Bush Administration Colin Powell fully endorsed Biden today, which is significant. Powell said we are at a turning point and that Trump is a complete liar. “I will be voting for him,” Powell said of Joe Biden. You can see his comment in the footage below.

Powell is not excused for what went down under the Bush administration, but that is a discussion for another post because this is all about how the GOP really is turning on Trump. On top of Powell and Bush, Mitt Romney and Cindy McCain, the widow of Senator John McCain, are all expected to support Biden for President.

This gets added on top of all the recent falling outs Trump has had with major GOP figures. GOP Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska said recently that she’s “struggling” with whether to vote for Trump, which caused Trump to go on a tirade and attack her, permanently ruining any good will she had with him.

The fact is that Trump does not take care of his people and he throws them under the bus. So all the enemies he has made on his own side over the past four years are coming back to haunt him.


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