GOP Rep Quarantining Over Coronavirus Jokes About Spreading It To Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Adding to the long list of horribly disgusting things we only see from the Republican Party, one of the GOP House Representatives under self quarantine made a ridiculously gross joke about giving it to Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

GOP slime Representative Paul Gosar shook hands “several” times with the Conservative Political Action Conference attendee who tested positive for coronavirus. He has been under a voluntary quarantine ever since and thought it would be funny to joke about intentionally meeting with Justice Ginsburg to spread it to her.

Gosar literally called the idea of coming into contact with Justice Ginsburg a “Good one,” as seen in the post below. He did a fake “fact check” and said he had not asked for a meeting with Ginsburg. This seems to be as bad as you can get and it’s not even close to being funny. He should immediately be removed from office because only a truly psychotic individual would do something like this.

Where are all the Trumpers who attacked Chuck Schumer last week? They are silent. Justice Ginsburg is of course 86 years old and a four times cancer survivor, putting her in the highest possible risk pool for Coronavirus.

Important to note too is that additional GOP slime Ted Cruz was included in this post and he has not yet made any statement about it. He was quick to attack Chuck Schumer, but will he say anything about this? Talk about a double standard. Schumer’s comments were clearly open to interpretation, but Gosar’s are undeniably a threat to Ginsburg’s life.


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