GOP Senate Nominee Roy Moore Claims Giving Blacks Voting Rights Has Created A ‘Problem’ For This Country

Last night, Alabama GOP Senate nominee Roy Moore spoke in Jackson, a small city in rural south Alabama, where he made one of the most racist statements in modern history by a nationally covered political actor. The entire thing was caught on camera, as we will see in the footage below.

Moore literally said that new rights created in 1965 have created the “problem” we have today in this country. If you happen to need a refresher, the rights he referred to were enacted by the Voting Rights Act of 1965, which remains a landmark piece of federal legislation that prohibits racial discrimination in voting.

Yes, Moore said that guaranteeing voting rights in 1965 for minorities has created a “problem” for this country. Like I said, most racist statement in modern history by a nationally covered political actor.

Admittedly speaking off the cuff, Moore said that the United States has been in a “spiritual” decline since they [government] “started creating new rights in 1965,” and that as a result of these new rights, “today we’ve got a problem.” You can see the proof in the footage below.

This is a textbook definition of racism and is 100% unacceptable. The brand of America is equality and inclusiveness, no matter your race. Moore must be forced to drop out of the race and never be seen from again. There is no defense for these comments and anyone who continues to defend him condones his stated disdain for minorities having equal rights, plain and simple.


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