GOPers Panic After Trump Kicked OFF Social Media For 1st Time After Attacking Democrats

Donald Trump had a bad day yesterday after he screwed up his emergency declaration at the White House by undermining it and admitting,?”I didn?t need to do this.” After also having a hard time with factual questions posed by CNN’s Jim Acosta, Trump got on his social media after the event in the Rose Garden and trashed Democrats.

Trump has gotten away with a lot on social media, but for the first time, he was censored by Twitter. He posted a montage that was deceptively edited to try and make Democrats look bad, but as of this morning, the content was removed by Twitter. This is the first time Twitter has ever had to remove a post by the “president” of the United States. The content appeared to be unavailable after it was banned and at some point this morning, it was fully removed from Trump’s profile.


Universal Music Publishing Group?filed a copyright claim through Twitter, which forced the platform?s cooperation.?The content Trump posted featured a song that the creator did not receive permission to use.

Big Conservative social media presences are in panic mode over this censoring because they know it will diminish Trump’s chances of winning in 2020. This was a simple case of unauthorized use of copyrighted work, but these Conservative figure heads are trying to use mental gymnastics to ignore this fact. They basically have to because again, Trump cannot win if he is unable to cheat.

It’s about time something happened to Trump because this is not the first time he’s done this. You probably remember seeing all those Game of Thrones posters Trump posted last year, which were unauthorized uses of HBO’s intellectual property. So far no one has had the guts to stand up to Trump, until now.


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