Here’s How Mueller Will Put The FINAL Nail In The Coffin After Learning Trump Ordered His Firing

A blockbuster report by the New York Times rocked the nation yesterday as news spread about Trump’s order to fire Mueller – an order that nearly caused his White House counsel to resign.

Trump along with his Republican backers swore up and down that the president never intended to fire special counsel Mueller, which makes this new piece of news all the more interesting. Fox News already began trying to clean up the mess by accusing Hillary, Obama, the DOJ, and the FBI of a long list of crimes. Serial liar Sean Hannity had the effrontery to call for the imprisonment of DOJ and FBI officials.

What does this new report mean for Mueller’s probe? Well, this new release makes Mueller’s job of proving Trump obstructed justice a whole lot easier.

Before yesterday, there had been some speculation that Mueller would come after Trump for money laundering instead of Obstruction of Justice. Now, an obstruction charge appears more plausible.

Trump told reporters this week that he is willing to speak to Mueller’s team “under oath.” Mueller reportedly wants to discuss the firings of former FBI Director James Comey and former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

If Mueller does indeed have the goods on Trump, he will presumably approach Congress with his evidence first to push for impeachment proceedings. The ball is currently in Trump’s hands, and news that he attempted to fire Mueller won’t make his interview with Mueller’s team any more comfortable.


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