Hot Mic Catches Trump Running From World Leaders At G20 Summit “get me out of here”

Donald Trump hates going abroad because he has to step outside the bubble he has created for himself in the White House. Trump was caught on a hot mic at the end of the two day G20?summit in Argentina that has just finished up, and what he said proves he hates being around other world leaders.

Trump met with world leaders?for a final set of photos with them. Trump got on stage to?greet Argentinian President Mauricio Macri, but then immediately got back off stage and left Macri stranded. At this point, Trump was literally done with the summit and couldn’t take anymore. He decided that he needed to run.

After walking off the stage, at around 16 seconds into the footage below, Trump is heard on a hot mic saying?”Get me out of here.”?One of his aides rushed across the stage to see what was happening, which thanks to the hot mic, we know it was Trump literally running from other G20 world leaders.

Trump felt more isolated than on most of his trips abroad with this G20 summit, in particular because he was unable to hold a private meeting with Putin like he normally does. Trump and Putin were only able to have a quick conversation at a cultural dinner for the leaders and their wives. The image below sums up how Trump was feeling during this summit.

There can be no doubt that Trump is a defiant person who likes to fight to the end, which is exactly why his submissive behavior recently indicates something is not going well for him. It is no doubt the fact that special counsel Robert Mueller is making moves after the midterms. The fire within Trump seems to have gone out and it’s foreshadowing what is to come for his presidency.


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