House Judiciary Chair Nadler Informs Trump That Impeachment Inquiry Will Now Expand

House Judiciary Committee chairman and Representative Jerry Nadler sent a letter to Donald Trump Friday and gave him until this coming Friday to declare whether he and his lawyers would participate in the the next step in the impeachment inquiry. What Trump probably did not expect however, is that Nadler’s letter was not only seeking to see if Trump would show up.

Nadler declared in his letter that the impeachment inquiry will now expand to cover Donald Trump’s actions related to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election. Once you hear Nadler’s argument on why he will be including Mueller’s work, you will wonder why it wasn’t included sooner.

The letter explains to Trump that House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff will be sending a report summarizing the evidence the House has gathered so far during its investigation, which will include the, “months long effort in which President Trump again sought foreign interference in our elections for personal benefit.” The key word here is “again.”

In the very next part of the letter, Nadler reminds Trump that his committee has been investigating “acts of obstruction of justice,” as “detailed” in Mueller’s final report. Recall that Mueller did not recommend charges, but that doesn’t matter at all because his final report was simply a collection of the evidence gathered.

What Nadler has done here cannot be understated. He has linked Trump’s behavior during the 2016 campaign, when Trump asked Russia to help him win, to Trump’s phone call with Ukraine in which he sought an investigation into Joe Biden. Nadler has thus established a clear pattern of wrongdoing by Trump. This is why he used the word “again.” Once again, Trump has sought assistance from a foreign power to help his campaign.

Nadler’s letter is below if you would like to read it. It will probably end up being a historic letter because this is the first time Trump’s behavior in the 2016 election and the Ukraine phone call have been linked by investigators. This incredibly powerful argument may be the exact argument that Democrats will bring into the Senate to convince enough of the GOP to remove Trump from office.

The House Judiciary Committee will hold the first impeachment inquiry hearing this Wednesday, December 4th, to discuss the constitutional and legal steps for impeachment. Trump and his lawyers have been invited to participate and have been given a deadline of tomorrow, Sunday, December 1st, to respond to the committee, but Trump has been reported to not be interested in having a lawyer.


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