House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Defeats GOP Rep. That Tried to Hold Up Vote on Coronavirus Bill

The desperately needed $2 trillion coronavirus relief package was almost delayed until tomorrow today after GOP slime Representative Thomas Massie from Kentucky tried to force an in person vote on the bill. This would have required all members of the House to return to Washington D.C. to vote on the bill which could have delayed it until tomorrow.

But House Majority Speaker Nancy Pelosi quickly figured out a way to counter scumbag Massie’s move that people are still trying to understand. Massie has officially failed to stop the bill, because thanks to Speaker Pelosi, the bill has just passed and will be sent to Donald Trump to sign.

Basically what Speaker Pelosi did is simply speak on the House floor long enough to block Massie from being able to speak himself and pull off his stunt and call for a in person vote on the bill. The House Speaker has the power to speak as long as they want without needing to filibuster.

Speaker Pelosi simply kept speaking until at least 216 House members arrived, which achieved a quorum and blocked GOP Rep. Massie from delaying House passage of the stimulus bill. You can see Speaker Pelosi doing all of this in the footage below.

GOP moron Massie┬áhas now just destroyed his political career for good as even Trump himself called for him to be thrown out of the GOP. Leaders from both parties tried to take action against him, that’s how bad it was. But of course Speaker Pelosi was the one who got it done in the end.


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