House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Responds to Mitch McConnell’s Impeachment Trial Rules

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats are in shock at just how disturbingly far Senate Slime Leader Mitch McConnell is going with his cover up for Donald Trump. McConnell’s impeachment trial rules are not just confirmation of a cover up, they are a direct assault on our system of government.

Speaker Pelosi issued a statement this morning and called out McConnell’s rules as being a plan for a “dark of night” impeachment and him going back on his word to make the rules similar to former President Bill Clinton’s impeachment trial.

?Leader McConnell?s plan for a dark of night impeachment trial confirms what the American people have seen since Day One: the Senate GOP Leader has chosen a cover-up for the President, rather than honor his oath to the Constitution. Shamefully, this sham proposal does not even allow for admitting the House record into evidence at the trial,” Speaker Pelosi said.

Speaker Pelosi continued, ?The public now knows why Leader McConnell has been hiding his resolution: the Clinton comparison was a lie. Clearly and sadly, Leader McConnell has misled the American people. ?For weeks, he has insisted that he will adhere to the rules used during the Clinton impeachment trial and that ?fair is fair? ? but his proposal rejects the need for witnesses and documents during the trial itself. ?In contrast, for the Clinton trial, witnesses were deposed and the President provided more than 90,000 documents.”

Slime McConnell revealed his trial rules last night, which set the impeachment trial up so that House Democrats will only get 24 hours over 2 days to make their case to remove Trump from office. Even worse, is that McConnell’s rules will not allow Democrats to start making their case until 1 p.m. on Wednesday and Thursday. To even get the full 24 hours, Democrats will have to continue their presentations late into the night.

This is why Speaker Pelosi said McConnell is setting up a “dark of night” impeachment trial. McConnell is doing this to be evil and to ensure that the trial will be conducted at hours when people will not be able to tune in. Rather than having it start in the morning, like it should be, the impeachment trial will essentially be going on when much of the nation is in bed asleep.

McConnell’s rules differ from the Clinton trial because impeachment managers had a full three days to make their case, rather than McConnell’s two days starting at 1 P.M. In addition, McConnell’s rules reject the requirement of receiving documents from the White House before the trial starts, unlike the Clinton trial.

This is a scam and cover up impeachment and not only has McConnell lied about how he was going to set up the rules, but he set them up in an insulting way. More than half the country wants Trump removed from office, yet McConnell is doing everything he can to prevent a legitimate and fair trial. He has even scheduled the trial to reduce the number of people who will be able to tune in. This is an attack on our system of government, plain and simple.


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