Ireland Stops Trump From Visiting His Own Golf Course & Defeats Trump In Record Time

Donald Trump was scheduled to visit Ireland in mid-November later this year, but sources revealed today that it has been canceled. This is a huge failure for Trump considering that roughly 33 million Americans consider themselves to have Irish heritage. The Trump admin is trying to claim that the visit is “postponed” for “scheduling reasons,” but the truth is that the Irish don’t want him there.

The White House confirmed Trump’s visit to Ireland earlier this month on the 1st, which makes this cancellation extremely fast and sets a record for blocking a visit by Trump for sure. Trump had been scheduled to stop in Ireland on his way back from commemorations of Armistice Day in France on November 11th, but he was expected to face protests in Ireland.

Trump was expected to visit Dublin, Ireland’s capital, and one of the golf courses he “owns” on Ireland’s west coast. The visit would have been Trump’s first to Ireland since becoming president, something former President Barack Obama did many times.

Various political parties in Ireland reacted strongly to Trump visiting, such as Brendan Howlin, leader of the Irish Labour Party, who accused Trump of being “no friend of democracy and human rights” in an August 31 tweet calling on people to join anti-Trump protests.

Labour Party Senator Aodhán O Ríordáin welcomed the news that Trump would not be visiting, saying it was as a result of the protesting against his visit. “Clearly the outpouring of objections to this visit has had the desired effect as President Trump has decided not to come to Ireland. Mr Trump is the face of hate, racism and division. The organisation I helped found – Irish Stand – has consistently criticised the hypocrisy of Irish-Americans supporting this man considering the immigrant history of the Irish,” he said.


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