Ivanka Trump Appears to Push Indian Woman Off Her Who Just Wanted a Friendly Hug

Ivanka Trump, whose exact purpose and job in the White House remains unclear 4 years into Donald Trump’s last term, traveled with her father and his delegation on his trip to India this week. On Ivanka’s way to find her seat and listen to her father’s speech at Motera Stadium, a friendly Indian woman tried to greet Ivanka and give her a hug.

Upon a closer look at the not widely circulated footage between Ivanka and this Indian woman, it appears that Ivanka may have pushed this woman off her. To be clear, without this woman saying that Ivanka pushed her, we cannot know for sure that Ivanka pushed her with absolute certainty. But the footage is incredibly strong circumstantial evidence that Ivanka pushed this poor Indian woman off her.

First let’s take a look at the footage and then you can take a look at our analysis to come to your own conclusion. If you think our analysis is wrong, feel free to point out to us what you think we got wrong. It looks simple to us. The unnamed Indian woman went in for a full hug with Ivanka and then only gave up on embracing Ivanka after Ivanka fully extended her right arm and hand, which had been on the woman’s shoulder.

Take a look at Ivanka’s right arm when she comes close to the woman. Her right arm is fully bent and her right hand is on the woman’s shoulder. At this point, the Indian woman is still trying to move her hands behind Ivanka’s back to embrace her. It is clear in this moment, with Ivanka’s right arm bent, that the Indian woman is not trying to back up, she is trying to complete the hug.

Very important, from this point, watch nothing but Ivanka’s right arm and the Indian woman’s body. The Indian woman’s body start moving backwards, while both her arms remain up and embracing Ivanka. While this happens, Ivanka’s right arm begins to go from being fully bent to straightened out. It is clear that in this moment, Ivanka is very likely to be pushing the Indian woman back and away from her.

What indisputable is that Ivanka no longer wanted to be touching this woman. So why then would she need to keep her hand on this woman’s shoulder? The only logical reason is because she was pushing her off. But what do you think folks?


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