Ivanka Trump Called Stupid & Spoiled Brat That Can Be Taken Advantage Of By Indian Diplomat

An anonymous diplomat has been quoted by Hindustan Times editor-in-chief Bobby Ghosh, as insulting Ivanka Trump, by essentially calling her a stupid and spoiled brat that needs to be treated as much. The diplomat even went as far as implying that there is great benefit in treating Ivanka like a spoiled brat by “flattering” her, because taking advantage of her can result in receiving great favor from the Trump administration.

“We regard Ivanka Trump the way we do half-wit Saudi princes,” the diplomat told Ghosh. “It’s in our national interest to flatter them.” Comparing Ivanka to a “half-wit” person is some harsh language about her intelligence. Claiming that it is in their interest to flatter her, makes her sound like a spoiled brat.

But there seems to be more to the idea that Ivanka needs to be flattered, beyond her being a “half-wit.” The fact that the diplomat says it is in Indian’s national interest to flatter Ivanka, implies that treating her like a spoiled Saudi prince, will result in a furthering of India’s national interest.

It’s obvious that India’s government took note of how much Saudi Arabia’s kissing up to the Trump family paid off. It resulted in some great deals for them on purchasing U.S. weapons. That sends a signal to other countries that want something from the U.S., the Trump administration is for sale, to the highest flatterer.

The diplomat also told Hindustan Times editor-in-chief Bobby Ghosh that he found it “a shame” that the U.S. was now being ruled by what looked like a royal family, “but that is America’s shame, not Modi’s, or India’s.”

The diplomat is speaking harshly about Ivanka Trump because she will be visiting India soon, after Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently invited her to attend the Global Entrepreneurship Summit there this fall.

“Mr Modi’s invite to Ms Trump has generated a fair amount of unease because Ms Trump’s career credentials have almost entirely been built within her father’s business empire,” said the Hindustan Times in an editorial, “But before criticizing Mr Modi’s decision, please do remember that Ms Trump is a senior adviser to the US president, Donald Trump. By inviting Ms Trump, Mr Modi is taking one for the team, and the nation.”


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