Ivanka Trump Responds After University Cancels Her Speech Today For Being Part of Racism

Unelected “Senior” White House adviser Ivanka Trump was set to deliver a commencement speech today for Wichita State Tech’s graduation ceremony in Kansas, but all that came to an end Thursday after she was disinvited by the school.

It took an assistant professor at Wichita State University to point out to the school that Ivanka Trump is implicit in her father’s, “callous disregard of the concerns of black people, immigrants, and Latinx people.” Why it took so long to cancel this speech is a mystery, but good thing it finally happened, because Ivanka was in fact with her father when he did his church photo op earlier in the week.

Imagine having Ivanka Trump speak, who reportedly played some role in his photo op walk to the church. This woman aided in his gassing and clearing of peaceful protesters in front of the White House. She of course reacted to her speech being cancelled by complaining.

“Our nation’s campuses should be bastions of free speech. Cancel culture and viewpoint discrimination are antithetical to academia. Listening to one another is important now more than ever!” she said on social media. No free speech is being lost by not letting her deliver a commencement speech.

Cancelling Ivanka’s speech is in and of itself free speech because the University has a right to express its beliefs as well, which are that they don’t want Ivanka speaking! Cancelling the speech sends a message, which is an expression of the first amendment. But this is too nuanced for your typical Trumper to understand.

Wichita State Tech President Sheree Utash gave her reasons for cancelling Ivanka’s speech and said, “In light of the social justice issues brought forth by George Floyd’s death, I understand and take responsibility that the timing of the announcement was insensitive. For this, I’m sorry. That was never the intent, and I want you to know I have heard you and we are responding.”


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