Ivanka Trump Struggles to Explain the Internet During Keynote at Largest Tech Show in Vegas

The annual CES tech expo is held every year in Las Vegas and has been criticized in the past for not being inclusive enough towards women. So to fix that problem this year, they decided to have Ivanka Trump be their keynote speaker.

Whoever made this decision should obviously be removed from their position, because Ivanka Trump is completely unqualified to be speaking at a tech expo. Predictably this lead to both backlash and her making a fool out of herself.

While giving her “keynote” speech with Consumer Technology Association Chief Executive Gary Shapiro, Ivanka could literally not form words to explain the origins of the internet. She was attempting to explain how some people have been incarcerated for so long, that they have little experience using the internet.

“I met people who were learning complicated coding, computer science applications, who had never been on the internet before. Because they were incarcerated prior…to the internet…having…um…been, you know, as available as it obviously is today. In some cases, twenty plus years,” Ivanka said. “So it’s a very very exciting time to be in the work force.” You can see her comments in the footage below.

Oh yeah sure, it’s a real exciting time to be working when the cost of literally everything rises by the day, but wages remain largely flat. Healthcare and housing, two of the most important things people pay for, have costs that are out of control. Only someone like Ivanka Trump, who has not worked a day in her life, would say it is an exciting time to be working.

The tech world is not happy with Ivanka having been the keynote speaker, as tech analyst Carolina Milanesi explained, ?The reason for my upset is rooted in the fact that there are many more women who are in tech and are entrepreneurs who could run circles around Trump on how technology will impact the future of work.”

Video game developer Brianna Wu summed it up perfectly, “Beyond the politics of the Trump administration – Ivanka is not a woman in tech. She?s not a CEO. She has no background.”


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