Ivanka Trump Thinks She Outsmarted Joe Biden in Attack Against Him Over Coronavirus

Ivanka Trump took some time to participate in the 2020 presidential election by taking what former Vice president Joe Biden said recently about Dr. Fauci out of context to try and seem smart. Her attack on presumptive 2020 Democratic presidential nominee Biden makes her look just as bad as her father.

Ivanka tried to attack Vice President Biden because he recently said that the only person we should be hearing about from the White House on Coronavirus is Dr. Fauci. Ivanka posted to social media and asked why Dr. Deborah Birx should not be allowed to speak as well.

“Dr. Birx is an Army Colonel and a subject matter expert who has dedicated her life to fighting infectious diseases. Why shouldn’t she also be able to speak? “Joe Biden: Dr. Anthony Fauci should be ‘only person’ public hears from during COVID-19 crisis”” Ivanka posted.


First let’s look at what Joe Biden actually said, which was that, “We’d all be better off if the only person we heard from from the White House was Dr. Fauci.” Biden said this when asked in an interview specifically about Trump hosting his daily press conferences where he gives out misinformation.

The obvious point Biden was making was that Trump should keep his mouth shut. No one believes Biden does not think we should only listen to Dr. Fauci and not other experts as well. Ivanka is taking what Biden said too literally and missing his point that the main goal is to not listen to her father.

But on top of that, people already know that Dr. Birx is helping out Trump, such as Lawrence O’Donnell, who perfectly stated, “Dr. Birx is now functioning as a Republican lawyer defending the reckless choices of Republican governors. She spins every question about Georgia.” Ivanka Trump is the only one who wants to claim sexism here and she doesn’t sound as smart as she probably thought when she posted her statements.


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