Ivanka Trump Thought UK News Conference Would Be Great Until She Stepped Outside

Ivanka Trump holds no legitimate official government position, yet she is attending official state meetings on “behalf” of the United States as part of her father Donald Trump’s State visit to the United Kingdom. Since she wants to act like she is a legitimate part of our government, the British people are making sure that she gets the treatment she deserves.

Ivanka decided to attend a press conference Donald Trump had today with British Prime Minister Theresa May, after she “represented” the United States at an official state dinner with the rest of her siblings, as seen below.

Ivanka probably thought the press conference today was going to be as fun as the state dinner was for her, until she stepped outside. Donald Trump met with PM May to discuss climate change, trade and Brexit, among other topics. Afterwards, they made their way across the street to hold their conference, and Ivanka followed them.

Upon exiting 10 Downing Street, where Donald and May had their meeting, Ivanka was loudly booed by a large gathering of British protesters. Interestingly enough, Ivanka got more boos that her father! You can see it all in the clip below.


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