Ivanka & Melania Are Not Happy With Where Angela Merkel Is Forcing Them To Go Tomorrow

German Chancellor Angela Merkel?s husband, Joachim Sauer, came up with a great idea to keep the families of the G20 leaders busy, while the world’s most powerful nations have their summit. Merkel?s husband Sauer is having all the G20 leader’s spouses and close family take a tour of the German Climate Computing Center tomorrow.

Joachim Sauer, a professor of physical and theoretical chemistry, wants them all to visit the center to essentially get a lesson on how Germany helps lead the world in climate change research. This was a highly clever way for Merkel to attack Trump on climate change, because if Ivanka and Melania refused to take the tour, it would be quite diplomatically rude.

The German Climate Computing Center uses supercomputers to model climate change and map its effects on regions all over the world, all stuff President Trump wouldn’t understand, so perhaps it is better his wife and child go instead. The center is right near the building where the G20 summit is taking place, and has been operating since 1987.

Angela Merkel and President Trump have been going head to head over climate change, with Merkel fiercely opposing Trump’s agenda. Trump said he wanted to renegotiate?the Paris climate agreement, ?on terms that are fair to the United States.”

But Merkel responded by saying, ?We deem the momentum generated in Paris in December 2015 irreversible, and we firmly believe that the Paris agreement cannot be renegotiated, since it is a vital instrument for our planet, societies and economies,? in a joint statement with the leaders of France and Italy after Trump?s June announcement.

Merkel has further attacked Trump ahead of the summit as well. ?We want to tackle this existential challenge and we can?t and we won?t wait until the last person on earth is convinced of the scientific basis for climate change,? she said on June 29th.

I’m sure we will see some interesting photos tomorrow as Ivanka and Melania visit this center. They’ll likely have glazed looks on their faces, knowing they are just pawns in President Trump’s out of control Presidency.


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