Ivanka Trump Caught Playing President At G20 As Russians Leak Behind The Scenes Photo

Unelected, politically inexperienced, “Senior Adviser” Ivanka Trump, has just been caught literally filling in for President Trump, in what appears to be a private work session during the G20 summit. A Russian negotiator has taken a behind the scenes photo and shared it on social media, that clearly shows Ivanka taking President Trump’s place next to UK prime minister Theresa May.


It seems like this work session was private, because no other photos exist of it. And that makes sense, the world’s most powerful 20 nations should be able to discuss important matters and conduct their business in private.


Two sources confirmed the photo and fact that Ivanka replaced President Trump at the table. One source called it “Incredible!!!”, while another speculated the reason she was sitting there, but then said, “But still!!!”, both clearly not happy with this arrangement. President Trump did eventually return to take his seat back after some time.

The fact that Ivanka would sit in for President Trump, is pretty remarkable for someone who said they try to “stay out of politics.” It’s also clearly beyond worrying that she would be so heavily involved in the G20 summit, in any capacity. The G20 summit is a meeting of the world’s most powerful nations, and we are still the world’s strongest in terms of military force. How is it that Ivanka Trump is sitting at a table that helps craft how the entire world conducts itself?

This goes to show that the Russians are not our friends and have no loyalty to the Trump family. Despite this, the Trump family clearly wants to be loyal to them, and President Trump’s palling around with Putin is a danger to us all. Putin is ruthless and maintains his power through fear. He will not hesitate to take advantage of the weakness President Trump is showing.


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