Jared Kushner Gives Worst Interview You’ll Ever See & Fails To Defend Trump From Criticism

The title here is not an exaggeration, as we are unable to find any interview captured on film that is as bad as Donald Trump’s son in law Jared Kushner’s with HBO that aired yesterday. The Trump administration does do a good job of putting expert liars and fraudsters on camera that are prepared to defend Trump’s worst attributes, but it looks like that same training was never given to Kushner.

Kushner’s interview laid bare all the worst things about Donald Trump and he was utterly incapable of defending Trump. Kushner was confronted about Trump’s racism and how Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez calls him out on it. Kusher was asked repeatedly if Trump’s birtherism was racist, to which Kushner literally could only repeat the statement, “I wasn’t involved in that.” It’s cringy to watch but you can see it all below.

This is the Trump administration minus all the spin and propaganda they normally apply to it. It got even worse as the interview went on too, as Kushner revealed that he is a treasonous coward, because he admitted that he is still unsure whether he’d alert the FBI if the Russians requested another meeting like the one at Trump Tower he attended during the 2016 campaign.

Is this not the worst interview you’ve ever seen? On the other hand, this is the best interview we’ve see under the Trump administration because it so clearly shows why everyone has a problem with Donald Trump. Kushner was unable to defend Trump because Trump is that bad. These weren’t even trick questions, these were basic. Feel free to share this around because no one can argue against this footage.


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