Jared Kushner’s Newly Leaked Financial Documents Will Lead To His Indictment By Special Counsel Mueller

Former Democratic National Committee Chair Howard Dean has predicted that Special Counsel Robert Mueller will indict President Trump’s son-in-law and White house “senior advisor” Jared Kushner, based on newly leaked financial documents.

“I expect there’s a good likelihood Jared Kushner will be indicted for money laundering, and then we’re going to see how far this Russian involvement goes,” Dean said on MSNBC, as seen in the footage below. Dean defended himself well against an RNC talking head who is in denial about any wrongdoing in the Trump administration and campaign, despite Mueller having already arrested three people.

Dean made his prediction after the Paradise Papers were leaked, which is a massive investigative report that was published on Sunday and is based on millions of leaked legal documents. The documents revealed that Kushner has business ties to the Russians. One such tie is that Russian tech magnate Yuri Milner’s family trust invested nearly a million dollars into Kushner’s tech startup, Cadre, in 2015.

This all fits with incriminating evidence we already have on Kushner, such as him lying about his June 2016 meeting with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya at Trump Tower in New York with Donald Trump Jr. and Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort. In July, Kushner told a Senate committee that his meetings with Russians did not mean he attempted to collude with them.

There is obviously something fishy going on with Kushner and Dean’s predictions here seem sound. These Paradise Papers are not being too heavily covered by the media because they exposed complicated tax avoidance schemes that the global elite use to hide their money.


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