Your Jaw Will Drop When You Hear Trump & White House’s New Defense Against Flynn & Mueller

Trump and the White House are in full panic mode as they desperately try to fight to the death after special counsel Mueller secured a guilty plea and cooperation from Mike Flynn to provide, “substantial assistance for prosecution of another person.” Their latest defense against Flynn’s contacts with the Russians is clear desperation.

A senior White House official is now saying that it was the Obama administration that authorized former national security adviser Mike Flynn’s contacts with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak during President Trump’s transition. “They are saying here at the White House that Flynn’s conversations with Sergey Kisylak were quote ‘authorized’ by the Obama administration,” Jim Acosta said tonight. This jaw dropping defense can be seen in the footage below for confirmation.

To put into perspective how idiotic this is, I ask these questions; If Flynn had proper authorization from Obama, why did he lie about it? Did Flynn really lie to protect Obama? This is just absolutely absurd on its face. You would think these traitors would have more pride in their lies.

This is a bold and desperate move by the White House. In the statement Flynn released after pleading guilty today, he confirmed that he is now cooperating with Mueller’s probe into Russian interference. That means he’s actually going to tell the truth now.

He no longer has any incentive to keep going along with the Trump administration’s lies. Going along with those lies is exactly what he just plead guilty to! As part of his plea deal, he has no choice but to keep telling the truth. Trump doesn’t get it, the lies aren’t going to work anymore, and literally blaming this all on Obama is desperately pathetic.


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