Jaws Drop Over Churchgoers’ Response to Their Pastor Admitting He’s a Child Molester

In 2017, accounts of sexual harassment rocked the nation. The exposure of Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein’s sexual harassment scandal led to the #metoo campaign, which gives women a chance to come forward together on social media.

Accused pedophile Roy Moore of Alabama nearly became a U.S. Senator before the publication of his underage sex scandal.

The pastor of the Highpoint Church, Andy Savage, recently found himself embroiled in an underage sex scandal after the country learned of his sexual assault on a 17-year-old girl roughly twenty years ago.

This week, Andy Savage stood before the parishioners at his megachurch and apologized for the “sexual incident” involving a minor. After delivering his apology, the people in attendance gave him a standing ovation. He’s successfully warped their brains to the point where they no longer know what is right and wrong.

The woman he assaulted, Julie Woodson, viewed Savage’s apology video on YouTube, and she couldn’t help but call it “disgusting.”

Woodson recounted the incident, describing how Savage got down on his knees to beg her to “take this to the grave with you.”

The church chose not to reprimand Savage for his actions and has instead turned him into the victim via a carefully planned sob story.

Woodson said the exposure of Matt Lauer prompted her to come forward to tell her story about Savage.

Watch Savage apologize below:


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