Jim Acosta Proves Trump Lying About Not Being ‘concerned’ After Contact with Coronavirus Patient

Doing God’s work, CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta has delivered once again today and provided evidence that Trump is completely lying about his contact with a Brazilian infected with Coronavirus. Let’s quickly review what Trump said, especially for those who may not be caught up, and then look at Acosta’s evidence that Trump is lying.

Trump said early this Thursday afternoon that he isn’t concerned by the fact that he and his entourage had direct contact with an aide to Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro. The aide in Bolsonaro’s own entourage tested positive for Coronavirus.

?Let?s put it this way, I?m not concerned,? Trump told reporters in the Oval Office, as seen in the footage below. Trump only said that he, “did hear” about the aide being infected and refused to even admit that the aide was in his company, “If the press said he was there, he was there.”

But like usual, Trump was lying through his damn teeth and Jim Acosta has the receipts! Trump knows exactly who the infected person was. ?He is very concerned about all the people he met who have it including the Brazilian,? Acosta quoted his source as saying. Not only that, but Acosta confirmed Trump is concerned about the GOP people he had contact with who themselves had contact with the infected CPAC attendee last week.

You know what’s sad about this? Wouldn’t we prefer it if Trump said he was concerned? For once he would look human and his brain dead supporters would start taking this crisis a bit more seriously. But no, Trump can’t do anything but lie to the public.


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