Jim Acosta Stumps & Angers Trump During National Emergency Declaration At White House

There is little doubt that Donald Trump and the White House wish they had won the battle against CNN’s Chief White House Correspondent Jim Acosta over revoking his press pass last year, because he just exposed Trump and made him look like a deer in the headlights this morning at the White House.

Trump delivered remarks on his fabricated national security crisis on the southern border in the Rose Garden at the White House, where he declared his national emergency to take money from the Pentagon and build his wall. Jim Acosta really set Trump off during the question and answer session after the declaration by asking Trump simple, factually based questions about the declaration.

Acosta asked Trump what he thinks about the fact that immigrants commit crimes at a lower rate than native born Americans, to which Trump interrupted him and asked, “you don’t really believe that stat?” After failing to get a response from Acosta, Trump tried to rush Acosta along out of frustration, “okay anymore? Quick, let’s go,” Trump said, while making gestures with his hand.

Acosta then asked one final question before Trump couldn’t take anymore, which was simply for him to comment on the fact that so many people say he is manufacturing a crisis. “You are CNN. You are fake news. You have an agenda. The numbers you gave are wrong…It’s a fake question,” Trump replied. You can see the entire exchange in the footage below.

You have to give it to Acosta, he really seems to be the best person at getting under Trump’s skin by presenting him with the facts. It’s hard for Trump to face the facts because everyone around him knows he just wants pictures and graphs that support his own beliefs and he never wants opposing information.

Acosta also called Trump out on social media after the press conference for not being able to answer his basic questions, “Trump on fact checks on his immigration claims: ?It?s all a big lie. It?s all a big con game.? Trump can?t answer the question about how he is making stuff up about what?s happening at the border.”


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