Joe Biden Announces Road Map For Impeaching & Throwing Trump’s Ass Out Of Office

Former vice president and current poll leading 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said in an interview broadcast this morning that Congress will have “no alternative” but to impeach Donald Trump if his administration tries to f**k around and block its investigations of the many issues present in special counsel Mueller’s report on Russian election interference.

In an appearance on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” Biden said that Mueller’s report obviously left many things open ended and that Congress needs to follow up on those issues, such as obstruction, “What the Congress should do and they are doing is investigate that,” Biden said. “And if in fact they block the investigation, they have no alternative to go to the only other constitutional resort they have: impeachment.”

“My job in the meantime is to make sure he’s not back as president of the United States of America,” added Biden, who formally launched his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination last week. You can see Biden speak in the footage below.

The polls are telling us that as of today, Biden will be the next President of the United States, but we’re still a long way out here. You can be damn sure though that Trump is going to obstruct Congress’ investigation of his obstruction in Mueller’s report, so Biden is simply looking into the future here in regards to Trump’s impeachment.


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