Judge Judy Announces Her Endorsement for 2020 Democratic Primary on ABC’s The View

Judge Judy Sheindlin has decided to endorse 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg in an interview released today. She is quite popular, so this endorsement is spreading far and wide. She isn’t stopping at an endorsement either, signaling that Judge Judy might be looking to change her career a bit.

The interview was conducted on ABC’s The View, where Judge Judy explained her decision to endorse Bloomberg, which is her first presidential election endorsement ever, by saying she’s, ?never seen Americans so angry with each other as a family, and it became sort of frightening when you couldn?t go to a social gathering and have a difference of opinion.”

?If you view America as the greatest family on the planet, I felt as if it was time for America, which is the greatest country in the world, to have the greatest president,? Judge Judy continued. ?When I looked at the field of 2020 candidates?there was no other voice, for me, other than the voice of someone who has experience in governance second only to the president of the United States.”


Important too is that Judge Judy isn’t just endorsing Bloomberg, she is also going to help him campaign as she will be joining him this coming weekend on his campaign trail in Texas. It’s unclear how much difference Judge Judy’s endorsement of Bloomberg will make, but it certainly won’t be nothing. Remember that Judge Judy consistently pulls in more than 10 million daily viewers to this day.

What could be fueling this is that last year, Judge Judy was the highest earning T.V. host and increased her net worth to $400 million, which makes her the 48th-richest self-made woman in America. She’s nearly half way to being a billionaire herself, so Bloomberg’s net worth is not a problem fore her.

?I felt that way when he was the mayor, and he?s a brilliant, self-made guy,? Judge Judy mentioned, who obviously views herself as the same way (who can argue). ?I think that to define Mike Bloomberg as just another rich guy is one of the greatest injustices of this political campaign that we?re in. Mike Bloomberg is the only one of the candidates who has experience governing and managing and successful.?


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