We Just Found Out How Much Trump Personally Knew About Papadopoulos’ Contact With The Russians

President Trump and his campaign officials have asserted that former aide George Papadopoulos was a “low level” player and that they were not aware of what he was up to, but a new report has just revealed that Trump himself authorized Papadopoulos to meet and communicate with the Russians, seriously.

The evidence that Trump knew what Papadopoulos was up to and condoned Papadopoulos’ meeting with the Russians, is based on Greek reporters coming forward with information about their discussions with Papadopoulos. This evidence would need to be corroborated and investigated by special counsel Mueller, but it could absolutely point him in the right direction.

Marianna Kakaounaki, an investigative Greek reporter for “Kathimerini,” claims Papadopoulos told her that Trump called him personally after he was hired in March 2016. Kakaounaki says that Papadopoulos told her that Trump later met with Papadopoulos in person, where Papadopoulos told Trump about his work in setting up a meeting between Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Papadopoulos has already pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about his meeting with a Russian professor who promised “thousands of emails” that would hurt Hillary Clinton, but this Greek reporter’s account is the first reported direct link between Papadadoulos’ work and Trump himself.

Although this Greek reporter’s account is not enough evidence on its own, Mueller can investigate and gather evidence that Papadadoulos really did interact with Kakaounaki. Then Mueller can question Papadadoulos once more about his conversations with her. He already had to plead guilty to lying once, so Mueller can probably catch him again.

Papadadoulos definitely left an impression on Trump for a reason and he has been caught lying already by the FBI about what he was up to during the campaign. Greek reporter Kakaounaki summed it up perfectly during her conversation with Politico, “I felt that he was probably lucky, having just met Trump in person and then Trump being interviewed and mentioning his name. That mention opened a lot of Greek doors for him, and probably in other countries too.”

Is she implying that Trump may have dropped Papadadoulos’ name publicly on purpose to bring more attention to him? Was Trump sending a signal to someone? Trump has greatly enjoyed meeting with Putin as President, so the circumstantial evidence reasonably corroborates the idea that Trump would approve Papadadoulos working to set up a meeting between the two.


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