Justice Dept Releasing Report Tomorrow That’ll End Trump’s Russia Conspiracy Theories

Donald Trump and the entire Republican Party have been claiming for the past three years that Trump’s campaign was “illegally spied on” and that because it was illegally spied on, the entire Russia investigation was illegitimate. This conspiracy theory is about to come to an end and all of Trump’s supporters are about to experience a painful dose of reality tomorrow.

Inspector General Michael Horowitz is about to release a report from the Justice Department’s his investigation into the origins of the FBI looking into Trump’s 2016 campaign. The report’s contents will be one of the biggest blows to Donald Trump since he entered the White House.

“Now, what you’re going to see, I predict, will be perhaps the biggest scandal in the history of our country,” Trump told Fox News last month. Remember those words folks, because Horowitz’s report is going to declare that the FBI was justified in opening its investigation into the Trump campaign by launching a legal wiretapping of Trump’s former campaign adviser Carter Page.

Not only is the report going to clear the FBI, but it has also found that there was no political bias in the FBI’s investigation of Trump’s campaign. So in other words, this report could not be worse for Trump than it is going to be. It directly refutes all the claims he has made about the FBI improperly investigating his campaign and all his claims of bias.

Trump has been calling the Russia investigation a “hoax” for over three years now and his supporters have been eagerly awaiting this report. His supporters were hyped up, by his own words, into believing that the “biggest scandal in the history of our country,” would lead to proof of bias at the FBI against Trump.

Their dreams are going to be shattered when this report comes out tomorrow and support for Trump will fall. Many of his supporters will still support him, but any independents and people on the fence, of which there are many, are going to be convinced of how much of a liar Trump is with this report. We can’t wait.


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