Justin Trudeau Ruins Trump’s ‘New’ Trade Deal By Defying Him In His Face At G-20 Summit

Donald Trump signed a trade deal this morning between the U.S., Mexico, and Canada at the G-20 summit in Argentina, but Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau stole the show in some subtle and not so subtle ways, making Trump look weak on this “deal.”

Justin Trudeau told Trump to his face to remove steel and aluminum tariffs implemented by the U.S. and blamed Trump’s tariffs for GM closing their plants, calling GM’s closures a “heavy blow.” This seriously undermines Trump’s trade deal because here Trudeau is literally engaging in negotiation on trade and proving that there really isn’t a deal at all, “Donald, it’s all the more reason why we need to keep working to remove the tariffs on steel and aluminum between our countries.”

Trudeau even refused to hold up the “deal” he signed with Trump, resulting in the image below that makes Trump look weak.

Justin Trudeau also shared the post below on his social media after the signing, in which he called the deal the “new NAFTA,” which is a dig at Trump. Trump has been obsessed about calling the new deal by its name, the USMCA. Trudeau also did this during the signing by referring to the deal as “modernizing NAFTA.”

Trump’s new deal is far from set in stone anyway. Incoming House Democrats can easily keep it from being implemented, which is probably why Trudeau so confidently defied Trump at the signing today. He did not have a problem signing the deal because he knows it doesn’t change much and Trump probably won’t get it implemented into law anyway.


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