Latest 2020 Electorate Data Shows Trump’s Anti-immigrant Policies Will Cost Him the Election

Since taking office, President Trump has tried to make good on his promise to reduce immigration to the United States. Remember how controversial his Muslim ban was that led to mass protests at airports? Well, immigrants remember that too, and this year a record number of immigrants will be able to vote in the presidential election. This is without a doubt disastrous for Trump’s chances of re-election.

Immigrants who have gained U.S. citizenship through naturalization have grown by about 3 million since the 2016 elections. Immigrants eligible to vote in the presidential election this year now make up 10%, or 1 in 10, of all voters. This is a massive increase.

This new data comes from the highly reputable Pew Research Center and they also report that most of these newly eligible immigrant voters are either Hispanic or Asian. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how the majority Hispanic immigrants, who specifically had to deal with our broken immigration system to get naturalized, are going to vote.

Bernie Sanders’ victory in the Nevada primaries is credited completely to Latino voters. Sanders received an estimated 50% of the Latino vote in Nevada. It’s not hard to see why either. We have a broken immigration system and Sanders overall has the most aggressive plan to fix it.

No one knows better about how broken our immigration system is than these newly naturalized immigrants that now make up 10% of our electorate. If you just research immigration issues for 15 minutes, you quickly find that most of these people, who are trying to follow our system perfectly, are forced to wait an average of three to five YEARS to get through our broken system. Maybe we wouldn’t have so many undocumented people if our immigration laws did not make the DMV look like an all expenses paid vacation.

In any event, the data is clear that we have a record number of people eligible to vote in the 2020 election and the primaries are showing that Latino voters are key to this year’s elections. Considering the fact that the 2016 presidential election came down to tens of thousands of votes in a handful of swing states, it’s hard to see how Trump can win when 3 million new voters have been added to this registries who are more likely to vote Democrat than Republican.

I did an entire analysis on why I think Trump will lose re-election this year and this latest immigration data just adds to that analysis. If you want to see why Trump will lose this year, just check out the footage below. Thanks for reading!


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