Latest Trump Campaign Spending Shows The Scale At Which His Supporters Are Being Conned

Trump’s reelection campaign (yes he has one) is spending huge amounts of Trump supporter’s donations on legal representation. A new FEC filing shows that the campaign is diverting resources to defend the entire Trump team against Mueller’s probe into “alleged” collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. Trump supporters are essentially funding the campaign’s collusion with Russia and helping to keep him in office, while he works to undermine their own interests; the success of this nation.

Trump’s reelection campaign released the FEC filing on Saturday, showing that 15% of the more than $4.3 million in campaign funds spent by the Trump campaign, just from April to June, went towards legal fees.

Even worse, it has been confirmed that the campaign paid $50,000 to the law offices of Alan Futerfas, Trump Jr’s “new” lawyer, on June 26. This is of course, well before the NYTimes revealed information about Trump Jr’s meeting and email chain with the Russian lawyer who promised him damaging information on Hillary Clinton. In other words, the Trump campaign knew about Trump Jr’s incoming scandal, weeks before it hit.

This makes you wonder for a moment, why they would have bothered to lie so much about the scandal, if they knew the truth was going to come out anyway? The answer is simple, and is in the headline of this post; they are simply conning Trump’s supporters. There is a widely researched psychological phenomenon, that basically says that people will believe and remember what they hear first. The Trump team knows that once Trump’s supporters become convinced of something, they will not change their minds, no matter the evidence.

On top of the legal fees,  the Trump campaign is continuing to divert funds to Trump owned businesses. The FEC filing reveals that the Trump Corporation was paid nearly $90,000, three days after Trump Jr’s lawyer Futerfas, was paid. Other Trump companies received $120,000 in campaign payments in the past filing quarter as well.


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