Emmanuel Macron Will Teach President Trump A Lesson About Respect This Thursday, In France

French President Emmanuel Macron will be hosting President Trump in Paris this Thursday and Friday, when France will celebrate its annual Bastille Day parade on the Champs-Elysées (one of the most famous streets in the world). When Trump arrives Thursday night, Macron will treat him to a lesson in respect, at a lavish restaurant in the Eiffel Tower.

The pair will be dining at the Jules Verne restaurant, run by one of the top chefs in all of France. Macron has already set the menu for dinner, which will include blue lobster and caviar. Eating at the Jules Verne typically costs around $250 per person, the definition of fine dining.

The restaurant will be completely closed to members of the public, as Macron shows Trump all about some of the finest dining in the world. This will be a lesson for Trump on how to properly host a foreign leader in his country, the opposite of what Trump does.

Compare Macron’s plans with the way Trump hosts other world leaders in the United States. He brings them to his own filthy business, Mar-a-Lago Club, that has been cited for health violations, due to improper handling of food. Then while he eats with them, he disrespectfully conducts high level security operations, right at the dinner table, like he did when Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visited in February.

Obviously no one is in Macron’s head, so who knows for sure why he is treating President Trump to a lesson in fine dining. Whatever it is, we’ll get an answer by Thursday night, as the two dine in Paris. Macron said at the G20 summit last week, that he wants to keep trying to get Trump to reverse his stance on the Paris climate deal. We’ll definitely find out, as a staff member at the restaurant confirmed that the pair will arrive Thursday night for dinner.

Be sure to tune in on Friday when France celebrates their Bastille Day and Trump is present for the parade. A far right plot to assassinate Macron was foiled just a week ago. There is controversy wherever Trump goes, so who knows what he’s going to get into in Paris.


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